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Learnpremium is the leading teaching and learning resource website for schools covering a wide range of subjects from Foundation to AS level. Learnpremium is superb for whole class teaching and group work, but can also be accessed at home by teachers, pupils and parents.
Our resources cover English, maths, science, geography, history, French, German, Spanish, business studies, design & technology, ICT, citizenship, art & design, religious education, drama, physical education and music. All the resources come with comprehensive teachers' notes and teaching suggestions catering for a variety of learning styles.
All resources come with easy to follow teacher notes and ideas to help you make the most of learnpremium.

An annual subscription to learnpremium is suited around the type of resources your school is interested in, be it primary, middle or secondary.

Learnpremium is also available as a one-off purchase, which is installed directly onto your school’s network, meaning there is no need to continually renew a subscription. 

You can also subscribe to
learnnewsdesk, the Guardian website that lets you use news in the classroom.
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